Conway Market DNA Day Trading System comes with 250 page manual that explains how everything works.

Results are hypothetical based on a simulated account.

Automatic Entries and Exits

The Controlled Risk Entry Trading Strategy can be used to automatically enter and exit trades in any futures market. That includes currencies, such as the Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, etc. and commodities such as oil, soy beans, corn, etc.

You're In Control

Once the Auto Controlled Risk strategy enters the trade, you can choose to do nothing other than sit back and watch the trade unfold, OR you can manually control the trade. Additionally, you can enter and exit a trade manually without a strategy using the Auto Controlled Risk Indicator which gives audio and visual signals.

Targets and Stops

All trades start as a scalp with the first target. Once the first target is hit, you can go to breakeven on the initial contracts with the remaining contracts being used as Runners.

Identifies Trade Locations

The Controlled Risk Entry Strategy and Indicator will help identify good trade locations plus, there are a dozen other indicators that can help identify good trade locations. Those include Buy/Sell Zones for possible reversal areas, a Point of Control indicator that is a simplified version of Order Flow and also prints potential targets on the screen, Modified Renko Bars that make trending easier to see, plus other indicators you may find helpful for trade locations.

Available Package

Full Trading Package

  • Controlled Risk Entry Strategy that can be used to auto-trade entries and exits.
  • Auto Controlled Risk Entry Indicator for manual trading that has audio and visual alerts, and has the same entries as the strategy.
  • 20 additional indicators some of which can help determine high probability trade locations and are automatically plotted.
  • 250 page manual that explains how the strategy and indicators work.
  • 3 months of one-on-one training in the Trading Room.

The price for the entire package is $4,995. For the first dozen traders to join our program in 2024, they will get everything at the discounted price of $2,499.

If you can't pay all at once, you can apply for PayPal Credit with no interest for 6 months.

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Our strategy and indicators only work with NinjaTrader 7 and 8. The Auto Controlled Risk Strategy works beautifully with Chart Trader, which is the trading platform for NinjaTrader. The protective stops and targets trigger right on the NinjaTrader chart. This allows you to see price action support and resistance and move targets and stops appropriately. It also makes it easier to trail stops while seeing the price bar formations. I prefer trade entries right on my chart. However, other traders may prefer the DOM. It comes down to what works for you. Trade in simulation to figure that out.

NinjaTrader also allows you to trade manually with their Advance Trade Management (ATM) order platform. This works very well with my Auto Controlled Risk Indicator. When a trade is generated by the Auto Controlled Risk Indicator, you manually enter and manage the trade using ATM. If you have any difficulty with the download or installation, you can contract NinjaTrader technical support for prompt assistance. I’m also available to help with some basic NinjaTrader questions, but for the complicated stuff, go to NinjaTrader technical support.

The data for NinjaTrader is supplied by Kinetick. Their data is fast, reliable and cost effective. Kinetick provides unfiltered, real time quotes for stocks, futures and forex. You can visit the Kinetick website to learn more.